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Detox Day #7


DETOX DAY #7 | 20 MAY 2009

It is with great regret that I announce the end of my detox (no, not really). I thought that I would give you a recap of what has transpired over the last week so that I have some record of all my hard work before I erase it all with a visit to the States starting tomorrow.

Detox Stats

Rice Crackers eaten: 8 (which would be 5 more than my cumulative lifelong total)

Soups made: 3

Spreads made: 5

Birdfood eaten: 1 Food Doctor bag

Garlic Ropes eaten: ½

Water consumed: 18 litres

Weight lost: 4 lbs (this is a projection for tomorrow morning; pray I don’t go off the rails!)

That is all from me on this topic.  I am sorry to have put you dragged you through the rigors of my detox.  It’s been a lot easier by writing it all out.  I promise to be back to my old self when I return.  

If a detox seems like something you might want to do and you live in the London, visit The Food Doctor

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