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Detox Day #6


DETOX DAY #6 | 19 MAY 2009


77C Walton Street

London SW3 2HT

+44 207 584 3441         



So what do you do when you are on a detox and a friend you’ve been meaning to catch up with asks you to lunch? Do you decline? Force your choice of restaurant on her? Or just hope for the best? I chose door number three.  I was secretly hoping she would choose a restaurant that served exclusively bacon cheeseburgers but alas it was not to be.  We met at Jak’s on Walton Street at 1:30 for lunch.  It is said that lunchtime in a recession is one of the hardest seatings to fill.  Not so in Jak’s. The place was absolutely bursting.


The deal is that you show up and gaze upon a case of beautiful looking salads and just start pointing.  I was a novice and they took advantage of me by suggesting five salads was the magic number when I had already stopped at three (turns out both three and five are options). I would complain for the rest of lunch that they were forcing me to overeat as I happily spooned down every last morsel on my plate.  They also have an a la carte menu should you desire something warm and what looked like very nice desserts (I wasn’t going to let the wheels come off completely) and fresh vegetable and fruit juices (picture above shows the spread).  It was some good detox-approved food.  Perhaps they are right when they say the Mediterranean diet is the most health promoting.  Needless to say I will be returning detox or not and I will not falter at three salad options but take five without hesitation.    

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