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It’s official. I have overdosed.  I have eaten asparagus with every possible meal since they first appeared on the scene in April.  Coping with the weather can make living in London a little grim and the arrival of the English asparagus to the market does a lot to perk you up.   And then this year we had the most spectacular Spring so that was a double and simultaneous bonus.  Some people don’t like asparagus because of the way it affects the smell of their pee.  I mentioned this at a dinner the other day (I am a rather uncouth dinner guest) and was super surprised that not everyone seemed to notice a change.  It turns out, after comprehensive asparagus research and Pascal and my fifth consecutive meal of said vegetable, that only 22% of the population have the gene to smell a difference.   I was shocked and then felt sort of special.  My father is a recovering asparagus hater due mostly to the fact that he had only eaten it out of a can growing up in Texas in the 50s.  So given that, I understand.  It was only upon discovering the fresh version, which I am sure he did not think was the same vegetable, that he was converted, pee smell and all.  I personally like mine relatively unadorned.  I drop them into boiling water until I see the first tinge of green in the water and take them out put them on a plate, a drizzle of olive oil, a squeeze of lemon and if all goes according to plan some shavings of parmesan.  (Pascal prefers a quick marinade of olive oil and a minute on the grill, then again he will grill pretty much anything.) Nothing could make me happier.  Although our houseguests cooked us dinner that night which was pretty great too!


Beetroot Salad

Ryvita Crackers for Cheese