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Peas with Ricotta and Mint



I wish I could say that I have a love affair with vegetables.  I desperately want to love them, each and every one.  But, alas, I don’t.  I have been trying to enjoy the most revered of all vegetables, the aubergine or eggplant, for the past year with no luck.  I hate it and that’s that.  Peppers also make me uneasy so that mixed grill vegetable plate is kinda out for me.  That said I have also been known to say that I hate peas; mostly because I find them annoying.  They remind me of that little song/poem: “I eat my peas with honey/ I’ve done it all my life/ I eat my peas with honey/ It keeps them on the knife.”  For me, that about sums up peas: evasive little fellows that are hard to eat.   Then I moved to England and was introduced to mushy peas, which enlightened me to the fact that I did not have a problem with the taste of peas just the format.   


Enter Rob.  In preparation for a weekend in Cornwall of 20 people, he has ordered all the groceries and planned out the menus. (PS These are the types of people with whom I like to go on holiday. If you are one of them, please feel free to contact me) I have one task; the peas.   Imagine my dismay.  I have to make a dish that I don’t eat!  Not so.  This will be peas, ricotta and mint. A salad inspired by the likes of Bocca di Lupo (an apparently great London Italian, I embarrassingly have not been to yet.)  The result was amazing and has changed my view on peas. 


Serves a lot


1 bag frozen peas (1.2 kilos)

1.5 tubs of ricotta (roughly 375 grams)





Step 1: Boil the frozen peas for 3 minutes.


Step 2: Mix in ricotta so that the peas are bound together.  Remember its peas with ricotta not the other way around. 


Step 3: Squeeze in a lemon, salt to taste, add some shredded mint. Mix and serve. 


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