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Detox Day #2


DETOX DAY #2 | 15 MAY 2009

So as most of you are aware I am doing a 7 day detox which includes three small meals and two snacks.  I am on day two. Now maybe I got myself a little over my head.  I like to cook, love to cook even but the amount of preparation needed for just one day of meals is insane.  Obesity was starting to make sense to my calorie starved brain. 

The day began with the buzzer sounding loudly to announce that Ocado (food delivery) had arrived.  I had over-celebrated with the London Food and Wine Bloggers’ event the night before so I was neither prepared nor happy to see the delivery man as he dutifully carried up my groceries.  The bags would remain on the kitchen floor unopened for another 2 hours which is why it is a good thing that detoxes do not include ice cream. When I finally mustered the energy to put away all of the purchases I was confronted by the realisation that I have  neither enough room in my refrigerator nor my cupboard. Alarm bells are going off here.  If I don’t eat this much regularly, how is this a detox?  I had to move past it but the clutter was/is getting to me.  The above picture is my bookcase not my cupboard.

I then spent the next 3 hours preparing food.  Clear broth, tomato soup, bean pate, houmous.  That covered two days.  In the coming days, I will be preparing no less than 3 more spreads of various ingredients.  This is a detox for the brave and/or those accustomed to working in a commercial kitchen; I am neither.

How do I feel?  Not great but its only day 2 so I figure give it a chance.  I thought I would share as neither recipes nor restaurant reviews will be coming out of me for the next little while and maybe you could cheer me on. 

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